Finance Solutions

Cluff Capital Finance Solutions is a subsidiary of the Cluff Capital Group, that assists SMME’s and mainly military veterans with finance and provides an education platform in terms of logistical supply and support by mainly purchasing commodities/ material and stock items on their behalf from suppliers. Our business-operating model is really simple and our processes allow for a speedy turnaround period as oppose to traditional financing houses. We are able to assist clients in a period of 1-5 working days.We offer the client the ability to execute a purchase or government order by providing the necessary required finance, which includes facilitating the movement of the imparted product from suppliers in foreign countries right up to delivery to the local end user. Our program is extremely effective as it provides you with financing to pay your suppliers and fulfill large orders, thus enabling you to grow your company quickly.We offer purchase order/ government order at competitive rates that will work in most industries.

Purchase / Government Order Financing

Qualification for purchase order financing Purchase / government order benefits: Be the product re-seller/distributor/ supplier to large corporate or parastatals Have commercial or parastatal customers Have orders of R500 000 or less Have transactions with sufficient gross profit margins

How does the purchase/ government order work:

Transactions are simple once the account has been set up. We finance the supplier the expense of the purchase order, we pay the supplier directly on you behalf. Once they are paid, your suppliers manufacture and delivers your product or we can handle your logistics should your supplier not be able to deliver to the end user. The transaction settles when your client receives the goods and pays for them.

Why Cluff Capital Finance Solutions?

We are deliberately trying to create wealth for our prospective and existing clients.We know how tough it is to be a small to medium size supply business. Very often you want to take additional orders but need to limit the amount of risk you carry at any one time. This is where our support really becomes a game changer, enabling your business to grow as it confidently accepts several orders at a time.The value of Cluff Capital’s Finance reputation is not to be overlooked because we can guarantee service delivery to your clients as your reliability, consistency and resourcefulness is proven again and again, so you become a preferred supplier, always trusting Cluff Capital Finance Solutions.


Cluff Capital is a registered credit provider in terms of Section 40 of the National Credit Act. 

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