Cluff Capital


To enable progress.


To be the pre-eminent and innovative business at the private and public nexus.


• Put clients and socio-economic development at the centre of everything.

• Continuously being innovative at the public-private nexus.

• Differentiate through superior services and competitive integrated solutions that arepractical and executable.

• Be brilliant at successfully implementing large and Capital programmes.

• Have competent, diverse and engaged people in our team.


The Cluff Capital group is a close-knit team of entrepreneurially like minded individuals: We are innovative and unconventional thinkers united by our common passion to help in the transformation of our country. Our business is built on relationships, both within our walls and amongst our client partners. Freedom of expression is given at the Cluff Capital group. Individually, we explore, push boundaries and grow our abilities, together in an environment of trust and mutual respect; we are empowered by the strength of the collective, and inspired to deliver innovative, effective, end-to-end solutions.Growth and Development Education and knowledge transfer is central to who we are as an organisation as is rewarding and recognising these individuals who excel in our development programmes. “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela.


At the heart of our values, lies concept, reminding us that for one to succeed we must all succeed,with this constantly in mind, we set about our business thinking unconventionally, working innovatively and pushing our boundaries. We are passionate about service excellence, not just to meet but also to exceed exceeding expectations, thereby creating value for our partners. Like the buffalo we are social, but also fierce when it comes to protecting our own, in the business sense, this means protecting the interests of our partners, its our abiding commitment to our partners. Both within our walls and beyond that, build on regiments culture of trust, mutual respect and shared purpose.

Entrepreneurship + innovation + client + focus + our skill set = Raising the bar beyond the bottom line. 

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